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Stanley Tasmania Accommodation and Tourism
Stanley Tasmania is a real getaway location, truly rural, with uninterrupted views of long sandy coastline, rolling green hills and well-preserved history. Big, open skies, fabulous for stargazing and abundant wildlife complete the perfect experience. "Tasmania's Best Pub Style Accommodation 2008 to 2014 (7 years running)"
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We offer a variety of attractive styles of accommodation, from comfy country hotel rooms to individual quirky heritage cottages and contemporary apartments. They sit comfortably within their environment in the heart of Stanley and feature beautiful sea, rural or garden views.

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When it comes to food we are committed to uncomplicated and simple food, influenced by the land and the sea. Our emphasis is on the fresh, clean flavours of our region and Tasmania. Complementing great pub food is a diverse selection of Tasmania’s cool-climate wines.


Circular Head and the north west is an amazing area, The Tarkine, Australia's largest track of temperate rainforest, wild coastlines, wilderness, rolling green hills and pristine beaches coupled with picturesque historic towns and villages make it enthralling – the quintessential Tasmanian experience.

About us
We want to share our Stanley with you as you go behind the scenery and discover our secrets. Our families have been here since the 1830’s and the Stanley Hotel has been continuously licensed since 1847, so the history is part of the fabric of our daily lives.

With four distinct seasons, great food and wine options, you will find a place of great natural beauty and discover that Stanley is the jewel in the crown of Tasmania.

Plan to spend enough time, you really need at least two nights, to help you with your planning we give information on Stanley, what to do in the town exploring the surrounding area and even some tips for on the way.

Stanley, the star of the film...
Tarkine Tasmania - Go behind the scenes Vimeo

It stars Michael Fassbender, Alicia Vicander and Rachael Weisz, and I think you will agree that Stanley looks good too.

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Robbins Island Wagyu Beef

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