Restaurants in Stanley Tasmania

STanley Hotel | Great pub food with loads of local flavour.

Stanley Hotel and Apartments- Restaurants in Stanley Tasmania

Restaurants in Stanley Tasmania are renowned for some of Tasmania’s finest produce and at the Stanley Hotel we use and celebrate that excellence in every meal. We like the menu to be simple and uncomplicated, influenced by the coast, the land and the seasons, emphasising fresh, clean flavours. Our suppliers are also our friends, and are just as likely to be sitting at the table next to you.

Stanley Hotel and Apartments- Restaurants in Stanley Tasmania

The guys at Stanley Fish bring us shark, scallops and lobster all caught in the surrounding waters by local fishermen.

Stanley Hotel and Apartments- Restaurants in Stanley Tasmania

Oysters are fresh from our clean, coastal waters. Petuna Seafoods supply our trout and salmon from their farms at Macquarie Harbour.

Our beef comes from Greenhams in Smithton, which is a family owned business. Only the best grass fed cattle are selected for the Greenham's Cape Grim and Tasmanian Natural Beef labels. An exceptional product that reflects the unique environment in which the cattle are grown. Other meat products come from the award winning Johnston’s Gourmet Meats at Smithton. Nichols chicken - from the family run farm at Sassafras , is hormone free.

North west potatoes are rightly famous, and Robert Smith provides us with a selection of different potatoes, all dug from the green hills that overlook Stanley. Our vegetables are grown locally by farmers, and reflect the season and what is available. Our promise is to use as much local, fresh produce as possible. Our chefs treat it with respect and allow the natural flavours to shine through.