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Hollywood comes to Stanley

It has been an amazing week to watch the transformation of Stanley in Tasmania into a movie set.

Some scenes for The Light Between the Oceans, a best selling novel by M. L. Steadman and being directed by George Cianfrance for DreamWorks Studios, are being shot in the coming week.

Filming starts today at Highfield House and the actors and extras are all arriving - the film is starring Michael Fassbender and Rachel Weisz, and Aussies Bryan Brown, Gary MacDonald and Jack Thompson.

It has been interesting to see all the action, a crew has been working on the town for a week,organising props and fitting costumes, gravelling roads, giving the Hotel a makeover, turning the chemist shop into a Bakery and a cafe into a Butcher. The "Old Wharf" has had a major refurb and is looking distinctly 1920's.

The locals are loving it and having fun, a lot are working on the movie, so it is really busy - any tourists that are here are getting more than they bargained for - and are being great about any inconvenience.

A large international movie cast and crew get to see a piece of paradise they maybe would never have visited - and we are very happy to welcome them to Tasmania's north west coast and ensure that everything goes smoothly, as Stanley Tasmania gets on the international stage!

Julian Jacobs
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